Monday, 9 July 2012

New Metro Cars in Budapest

Hurray, there are new metro cars coming to Budapest in a couple of months, hopefully in 2012, but definitely in 2013. Getting around in Budapest will be hopefully more modern and comfortable, which suits better our beautiful beloved city.
Budapest New Metro Cars (photo MTI)
We are very happy about the long awaited changes, as many of the old Russian metro cars look terribly shabby with rusty patches. They must have been really well engineered by the Russians as the old blue metro cars have served lots of decades in Budapest, Hungary. The somewhat tightfisted Budapest Public Transport company (abbreviated as BKV in Hungarian) should have replaced the old metro cars a long long time ago.
In recent years there have been 1-2 technical accidents (fires, smokes) along the M3 blue metro line in Budapest.

We love the fact that Budapest has an efficient public transit system, no doubt about it, and we also use the Budapest metro network each and every day, but the thought of a potential metro smoke or fire hovering in the back of our minds is not that ideal metro trip experience to say the least. And looking at the old and run down metro cars is not reassuring either.

Alsto, the French transport vehicles maker, is handing over 22 new metro cars to the M2 metro line of Budapest (the red metro running between Deli Train Station and Ors Vezer Square (including Batthyany Square, Kossuth Square, Deak Square, Astoria Square, Blaha Lujza Square and Keleti Train Station).

Let's hope the much neglected M3 metro line is also getting its new cars, wires and shiny new everything.

In the meantime, you may prefer to use the trams or buses along the line of M3 blue metro line. Tram 2 is a superb Budapest thing to do in itself, as it provides the best panoramic view along the river Danube with major attractions. Travel on the surface and take a look at the beautiful 19th century architecture the city has. Look up to the facades, you will see amazing buildings - unlisted in Budapest travel guide books.

Compare the two metro videos, the first is about M3 metro line smoke incident (hopefully the soon to be past), the second video is about testing the new Alstom metro cars in Budapest (hopefully the soon to be future).

Metro Smoke in Budapest  

 The new metro cars in Budapest (tested by Hungarian news site)


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