Thursday, 2 August 2012

Is It Worth Taking a River Cruise on the Danube in Budapest?

You can bet that a river cruise in Budapest, in the heart of Budapest (!) is absolutely a must for all tourists: would it be the only thing you can do in Budapest, it would be a pity that you are in a rush, but it would still be worth it. It is what an English would call a Budapest whistle tour, to take a quick look at the most important attractions in one hour? Check!
We locals love our riverbanks on the Buda and the Pest sides of the Budapest. The best place to have a friendly talk, to kiss, to come up with creative ideas (like this blog for giving you tips: things to do in Budapest...)

When I have no money, I would just simply walk along the river Danube, talk to my friends, and set the world right. But if you can splurge on 10-30 Euros for a beautiful river cruise, don't hesitate for a second. I always take my foreign friends for a Budapest river cruise, and it was a huge success with lots of "cooool, amazing, great", etc.
rockandrosy on the boat tour in Budapest - river views, night lights, romantic cruises

Because it is not just a river, and some houses:
it is a showcase of the world heritage sights, which have been chosen by the UNESCO
you can see the top sights of Budapest on the Buda hills (Gellert Hill with the Hungarian style Liberty statue and the Citadel, and the Gellert Baths. Then the famous Buda Castle on the Castle Hill), and you can see the most fascinating parliament building on the Pest side: the Hungarian Parliament is like a super posh palace with loads of real gold from the 19th century (which is in a ridiculous contrast with our current economic situation, never mind). It is breathtaking. Really. Oh, and there is the Gresham Palace by the Chain Bridge, and so on.
On many river cruises you get dinners and drinks: I just love my sweet champagne on the deck of the lovely boats of Budapest.
There are many many boats, smaller, bigger, newer, older. Whatever, pick a boat that has an open air deck so that you can walk up and admire the views in real life.
On some of the river cruises you can listen to live music or DJs, there are gypsy bands playing and there is a Budapest party boat which is a good way to get warmed up for late night parties on Fri and Sat (on other days too I guess, but we Hungarians usually go to parties at the end of the week - are you disappointed?)
Girls, you must take your guys / guys you must grab your gals to a cruise to get really romantic in Budapest and even more romantic!

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