Friday, 20 July 2012

Szechenyi Baths - Natural, Fun and Relaxing

Isn't it a bit of fun and relaxing that we are looking forward when we go on holiday? Every time I get home from a holiday I feel totally exhausted. Because I usually go to some kind of adventure, away from Budapest and its fantastic baths. But if you are visiting Budapest, you can mix your itinerary with several cool baths, most importantly Szechenyi Baths, to make sure that you revitalise, reconnect with nature and have absolute fun (if you find it boring, you have not heard about Budapest spa parties yet!).

Szechenyi Baths at Night in May / photo Patrick Donovan
So if I could only give one single piece of advice to any tourists in Budapest, it would be this:
have some real light hearted fun and inner peace at one of the baths of Budapest - there are Turkish baths, there is an Art Deco palace, and there is the all time favourite of most tourists and locals: Szechenyi Furdo. It is guaranteed that your travel to Budapest will be unique, and a lot less tiring than usual travel destinations!

If you are afraid of too many people sharing the baths, try to go there around 6pm. You can enjoy the warm open air pools all year round until late night. Szechenyi Spa is only closing at 10pm! Look at this photo of the famous bath: totally tranquil and perfectly relaxing on a May evening.

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